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Active Birth Workshops - Birth & Postnatal Doula in Stoke Newington & Hackney


Sue Boughton
Birth & Postnatal Doula
Available in Stoke Newington & Throughout London
Mobile phone: 07811 953 277

Website: www.sueboughton.co.uk
Email: souladoula@gmail.com
twitter @souladoula
instagram @souladoula65

Active Birth Workshops - Next Workshop - please inquire at The Well Garden
Hackney Downs Studios
Amhurst Terrace
E8 2BT

Tel: 020 3095 9735

Sue joined Doula UK in 2009 and is a recognised birth and postnatal doula.

In 2014 she qualified as a certified teacher of Janet Balaskas' Active Birth Workshop.

I support women and their partners with antenatal preparation, giving them information that deepens their understanding of birth physiology, the hormonal process of birthing and how to maximize their potential for an empowering experience.

I believe that the majority of women can give birth without medical assistance. I aim to build their confidence in their bodies ability to give birth and help women to have a good experience no matter what twists and turns their labour takes.

I feel privileged to support women throughout this important & momentous occasion in their lives. I enjoy supporting families postnatally and helping to make the transition into parenthood or a larger family a little easier. Further Details About Sue

Next Active Birth Workshop at The Well Garden is on please inquire. Details at Active Birth Workshops

Join us at The Well Garden on Saturday 28th April, 1-5pm for an afternoon’s retreat honouring motherhood, guided by specialists from the Born Together team.

Having a baby can be overwhelming, especially in the first several months. Sharing the joys and challenges of motherhood with other mums can make a huge difference as you transition into this role. Release tension and re- energise with a Yoga practice, followed by deeply relaxing and nourishing Rebozo ceremony.

The afternoon will conclude with a deeply restorative hypno-gong session combining the power of hypnosis and sound bath. With grounding snacks and a closing circle to finish you will leave feeling nourished, grounded and refreshed. For full details please visit http://thewellgarden.co.uk/workshops/4582778054

*There’s no limit to how “post” you are “natal” to join us for this afternoon.
**Babes are welcome to join us for a feed, we encourage you however to make this time for you as best you can and to have bubba looked after nearby

This is for women in their 3rd trimester and their birth partners. A shorter workshop focusing on using massage and a rebozo during labour, this is a useful practical addition to other antenatal courses.

Partners will learn simple massage and shiatsu techniques that help to release muscular tension, calm the nervous system and increase the production of endorphins - your feel good hormone. You will learn simple shiatsu techniques to balance your partners energy, helping the flow of labour. Gentle massage helps to calm and relax a women in labour and encourages the release of birthing hormones.

A rebozo is a long piece of cloth often worn by Mexican women and a traditional midwifery tool for pregnancy, labour and post-partum. Using a rebozo during labour can encourage babies to move into a better position, it can provide comfort & relaxation and  also helps the mother to make the swaying, rhythmical movements that can improve labour progress. These are very useful tools for birth partners. The workshop also includes information on positions for labour and birth and some birth physiology.

Please wear comfortable loose clothing as you will be sitting and kneeling on a yoga mat and leaning over a birth ball ...
Cost is £50 per couple, contact Sue for more information and booking 07811 953 277 or
souladoula@gmail.com Check http://www.thewellgarden.co.uk/workshops/4582778054
for dates and bookings.