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Alexander Technique Stoke Newington | Classes To Improve Posture, Poise, Balance & Control


Alexander Technique in North London. Lessons From MSTAT Teacher in Stoke Newington

Bodel Rikys - London N5
Hilary King - London N16 

Alexander Technique Stoke Newington  Hilary King BA (Hons) PGDip Psychol Dip Couns MSTAT 
Stoke Newington/Newington Green, North London N16 Practice
Close to the Islington border N1 and N5 Highbury 

Tel: 020 7254 9206
Website: hilaryking.net
Twitter: @StokeyAlexTech
Facebook: @HilaryKingAlexTech
LinkedIn Hilary King

Discover how, by learning the Alexander Technique, you can begin to undo habitual patterns of pain, tension and general 'mis-use', improve your poise and performance, increase energy and your sense of wellbeing.

'As soon as people come with the idea of unlearning instead of learning, you have them in the frame of mind you want' (F M Alexander)

Hilary offers workshops and individual lessons. These take place in Newington Green, North London N16.

She is an experienced teacher, having qualified in 1987. Whilst she offers 'pure' Alexander Technique lessons, her background in Ballet, Psychology and Stress Management informs her work. Hilary also has a Diploma in Counselling. As a member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique, she adheres to the Society's Code of Professional Conduct.

Hilary was also involved in alexander technique research. It was designed by the University of Southampton, funded by the Medical Research Council and run through GP Surgeries. It was called 'The Alexander Technique, Exercise and Massage Trial for Back Pain' - basically comparing the three different treatments for back pain patients. The results were published in 2008. The study concluded that "One to one lessons in the Alexander technique from registered teachers have long term benefits for patients with chronic back pain." (BMJ 2008; 337 a884) 

Next Alexander Technique event:

 20th January, 2019 

Please go to
hilaryking.net for full details of workshops, courses or individual private lessons in north London.

Alexander Technique North London

Alexander Technique Stoke Newington

 Bodel Rikys MSTAT 

Meditation Class London
North London Highbury & Islington Practice N5
Email: bodel.rikys@talktalk.net
Website: www.bodelrikys.com
Release into who you can be
Increase body awareness and wellbeing.
Enhance poise, presence and performance.
Individual lessons in Highbury, N5

Further Information About The Alexander Technique

Frederick Matthias Alexander (1869-1955) was an Australian actor who developed this technique to overcome his throat hoarseness. He discovered the problem was his poor postural habits. After curing these he went on to benefit others and eventually set up a practice to educate clients in the proper use of their body. In 1939, a group of doctors suggested it be incorporated into medical students’ training but this never happened. The 1973 Nobel Prize Winner for Medicine praised the Technique which is taught in many schools of music and acting to reduce repetitive strain injuries and be more relaxed during performances.

The Technique does not claim to treat or diagnose any specific problem. People are made aware of how their body moves and to relearn the posture and freedom of movement they had in their childhood. In particular to restore the correct relationship between the head, neck and spine; to lengthen neck muscles and straighten the spinal column. This allows for better breathing, can give more freedom of movement, improved co-ordination and balance, increased energy, better relaxation, and improved mental outlook. Lessens with a practitioner are normally one-to-one but can be in groups. These can last up to an hour and two sessions a week for 3 months is often recommended.  

To find out more information please visit The Society of Teacher of the Alexander Technique