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Ayurvedic Massage Stoke Newington North London


Ayurvedic Massage

 Ilaria Bucchieri ITEC

48 Adley street
London E5 0DY
Tel: 07737 136 341
Holistic Health
64 Broadway Market,
London E8 4QJ
Tel: 020 7275 8434
Mobile in Stoke Newington
Tel: 07737 136 341


Ayurveda, in Sanscrit literally means “the science of life”. It is India’s traditional, natural system of medicine that has been practised for more than 5,000 years. It promotes health prevention and longevity and it is the oldest and most holistic medical system that exists today.

Massage is a very important preventative and curative practice in Ayurveda.
ABHYANGA – full body oil massage

Traditional Indian Rejuvenating treatment
Warmed herbal aromatic oil is massaged onto the whole body using fast vigorous movements. 
In India it is a weekly, if not daily practice, as prevention of disease and the ageing process. It is ideal for boosting the immune system and reducing fatigue, to help prevent health problems from arising. This nurturing treatment promotes good sleep, muscle and joint flexibility, skin tone and complexion. It gives truly amazing results if done in a course of 5 weekly sessions (discounts are available for packages!)
This is the most popular AYURVEDIC MASSAGE TREATMENT in the western world as it combines the benefits of Ayurvedic oils, rich in good properties, with deep tissue massage techniques aimed at releasing tensions caused by the stress of modern life. The warm oil helps to reach a higher level of relaxation and allows the therapist to go work deeper than in a standard deep tissue massage.

Dry herbal powder is warmed and rubbed onto the skin to create a very energising and exfoliating effect. It is used very effectively to reduce obesity and cellulites especially in conjunction with a diet and a fitness programme. It has also proved to be very effective in treating cerebral palsy, diabetic neuropathy and myopathies (muscular disease in which the muscle fibres do not function resulting in muscular weakness).
Warm herbal oil is poured continuously for 45 minutes and allowed to flow over the scalp and hair of the client, who lies on the table in supine position, creating a heavenly sensation. It totally relaxes the mind, the body and the soul! Effective in treating conditions of the nervous system such as headaches and migraines, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, epilepsy, throat and ear conditions such as sinusitis, psoriasis, and premature hair fall. It also helps good sleep.