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Baby Massage Stoke Newington | Classes & training in infant massage techniques for mums & dads


Baby Massage in Stoke Newington with Penelope Blissenden

Baby massage is a wonderful tool for bonding with your baby.

The benefits for both parent and infant are profound and have been endorsed by medical practitioners.

These benefits include:
  • Helping the baby to relax and encouraging better sleep.
  • Helps relieve colic, wind, constipation, teething
  • Stimulates respiration and digestion
  • Develops learning, language and coordination
  • Relaxing and pleasurable for both parent and baby
  • Strengthens bond between them
  • 4 Week Holistic Baby Massage Courses are held at Clissold House, Clissold Park, Stoke Newington, London N16 on Tuesdays for 1 hour. They are also held at Yummy, Yummy in my Tummy Kids' Café 56 Stoke Newington High Street N16 7PB on Fridays/Mondays and Holdspace, Wynford Hall, Islington N1 9SY

    A single session class for dads is held on Saturdays or Sundays for 1½ hours

    Penelope is a Senior Specialist Behaviour Teacher and trained Holistic Practitioner. She brings this knowledge and her experience as a mother to her Holistic Baby Massage Courses.

    Penelope runs a 4 week Holistic Baby Massage Course, every 4 weeks. The room in Clissold House is carpeted, warm and provides a space for parents to meet for refreshment or a walk in the park after the class.

    Penelope provides a single session Baby Massage class for fathers.

    UPCOMING COURSES: (Please contact Penelope through the contact page on her website or email to book your place)

    Holistic Baby Massage Courses: Tuesday, 3rd September, 2019

    Father's Baby Massage Class:

    1-1 Courses are offered in the privacy of your home.

    For full details and costs of these classes please visit: penelopeblissenden.com