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Endorphin Meditation, Beginners Meditation - London Classes, Workshops, One to One


Endorphin Meditation & Meditation for Beginners in London

 Bodel Rikys   Endorphin Meditation & Meditation for Beginners

Meditation Class London
North London Highbury & Islington Practice N5
Email: bodel.rikys@talktalk.net
Website: www.bodelrikys.com

Beginners Meditation and Endorphin Meditation
with Bodel Rikys
Beginners Meditation
Learn how to meditate in a clear, secular way. Starting with the basics, and going further as required.
An opportunity to experience different ways of meditating and find out what suits you best.
Working with posture, breath, word, image and energy.
Endorphin Meditation
Is based on the Endorphin Effect strategies for holistic health and wellbeing developed by Dr William Bloom. The Endorphin Effect combines elements of mindfulness, body awareness and neuroscience. Particularly teaching how to create endorphins at will and self manage your body chemistry.
Endorphins are the hormones that relax tissue, remove pain and create feelings of wellbeing.
They can be produced by: exercise
                                             anything you enjoy doing or thinking about
                                             appreciating nature
                                             consciously going into a rest
                                             having a kind attitude to your own body.
This activates the calming, parasympathetic branch of the automatic nervous system and quietens down the fight and flight response. Enabling healing and regeneration to take place. Providing an optimum environment to make creative changes in your life.
The Endorphin Effect techniques are brought together in a relaxing meditation which is pleasurable and good for your health.
Individual sessions, group work, day workshops.
Bodel Rikys has had more than thirty years experience with meditation, yoga, holistic health, self development and energy work. She is an Endorphin Effect trainer, an Alexander Technique teacher and an artist.

Meditation Book London

This wonderful little book at just £4.99 would make an excellent gift or a treat for yourself. It is available from bookshops or direct from amazon.co.uk here: Meditation Is by Bodel Rikys

'I like each of them very much. They're very unusual in that they are cute, and also wise and intelligent'.
William Bloom

The Endorphin Effect was developed by Dr William Bloom for mind/body healthcare and enhanced wellbeing.

In particular, The Endorphin Effect teaches how to produce and use endorphins, the feelgood hormones, at will.

Bodel teaches endorphin meditation in adult education and is available for group and individual sessions.

Endorphin Meditation CD

Meditation CD London

Guided exercises to trigger endorphins, the feelgood hormones, improve your health, connect with the vitality of nature, and from this place create the life you want.

£12.00* plus £2.50* postage and packing. Buy at http://bodelrikys.com/shop/

Bodel Rikys & Endorphin Meditation
Daily Telegraph 8th August, 2005

Just lie back and think of happy times to release your body's feelgood endorphins, says Judith Woods

Most of us are aware of the existence of endorphins, those happy hormones that make us feel good.

Known as nature's natural painkillers, these opiate-like chemicals are generally produced when the body is under extreme physical stress, hence the well-documented euphoria of the runner's high.

After 20 to 30 minutes of hard aerobic exercise, endorphins are released and will result in a mood and energy boost for two to three hours, and a mild buzz for up to 24 hours. Sex also promotes production of these pleasurable neurotransmitters, because of the enjoyment of physical contact.

Laughter is another good source of endorphins, which is why watching a good sitcom will generate enough hormones to keep you contented all evening.

And as we all know, there's nothing like a bar of chocolate to give you a lovely rush of wellbeing. Studies have shown that when a group of overeaters was given a drug to block endorphin release, they no longer craved chocolate.

But what if there were a less fattening, less strenuous way of achieving a happy high? According to therapist Bodel Rikys, endorphin meditation is the answer. Rikys holds weekly classes and one-to-one sessions, where she shows clients how to tap into the feelgood factor within.

You can reduce stress, promote self-healing and make positive life changes by invoking your endorphins, says Rikys, who has practised meditation for more than 30 years.

It's not a case of emptying your mind - that's very difficult to do. It's about filling it with pleasurable thoughts, which in turn will produce a feeling of wellbeing. The endorphins will turn off the stress hormones, adrenaline and cortisol, and have a positive impact on your body chemistry.

It sounded so simple that I was immediately rather sceptical. If it really was that easy to feel marvellous, why hadn't we all been doing it for years? There was only one way to find out, so I signed up for a session.

I've long been intrigued by meditation, but the rather formal, stiff-backed, legs-crossed posture always put me off. It was a relief, then, to be told I could sit or lie on the floor - however I felt comfortable. I chose to recline on a large cushion, with my knees bent.

I was told to close my eyes and breathe deeply into my abdomen. Then, in my mind's eye, I was to scan my body with kindness, paying great attention to any places of tension or soreness. By offering myself sympathy, I was creating a soft, receptive frame of mind, which is apparently crucial to summoning up my endorphins.

Then I was to think about something that made me feel happy: an activity or place. Just as I was beginning to feel fretful because I could not visualise a vivid enough image, Rikys reassured me that it was enough to see colours, enough to see hazy impressions.

I chose to remember snorkelling on a holiday in the Caribbean, when I spent hours watching silvery shoals of fish glint and shimmer in the refracted light. Guided by Rikys's soft tones, the more I conjured up the cool feeling of the water around me and the sun's hot rays on my back, the happier I felt, and I began to smile. And smile some more.

Part of me felt utterly ridiculous, as I imagined how I must look, lying on the floor grinning from ear to ear, but I couldn't help myself.

Imagine there is a bright sun just where your ribcage ends, and it is filling you with light, every part of you, said Rikys. Now think of a golden trickle of endorphins, like oil or honey, streaming through you, soaking your bones with happiness. Wherever your body is in pain or needs healing, the golden flow will deepen until you are saturated.

By now, I am slightly embarrassed to recall, I was actually giggling. I felt excited and elated, yet simultaneously conscious that I was in a completely artificial situation.

Rikys then went on to talk about nature and how I was connected to the world around me, which was so soothing, I promptly fell asleep. As she gently asked me to wiggle my hands and toes, I stirred, and reluctantly opened my eyes. As I sat up, I have to confess I felt wonderful.

The effect of this kind of meditation is cumulative, said Rikys. The more you do, the better you'll feel. If you stack up endorphins in your body, it's like building up a reservoir of wellbeing, as opposed to a reservoir of stress.

For the rest of the day, I had a definite spring in my step, and two friends separately observed that I appeared to be on tremendously good form. Even the next day, I felt more energised than usual.

It was a remarkable experience. Simple yes, but deceptively so. When I subsequently tried to repeat the meditation, at home, I couldn't maintain my concentration. For me, having a relaxing voice talking me through the process was crucial.

I'd love to be able to conjure up my golden endorphins at will, but in the meantime I've done the next best thing. I've booked another session for next week.

Bodel Rikys teaches endorphin meditation in London. One-to-One sessions cost from £40. Please email bodel.rikys@talktalk.net for more details or to make an appointment.

Daily Telegraph, 8th August, 2005