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Gaia Healing for Stress



Lara Waldman

It seems that most people in today’s society suffer from some level of stress.  As a society we have become so caught up in what we do and achieve during the day that we rarely make time for a balance of healthy down time or relaxation.  We live for the holiday or for Sunday.

For many people, this is not a sustainable way of living.  Through this lifestyle of work hard, play hard, we can experience many negative side effects.

When our body has had enough of being pushed, it may start to send out signals to get our attention.  If we ignore these signals and keep pushing through, then these signals can often get louder or the symptoms more severe in order to make us listen.  This can happen at different stages in life, for some when they are younger and for some when they are much older. 

The following is from the NHS website www.nhs.uk

“Symptoms of stress often build up gradually before you start noticing them. Stress can affect how you feel, how you think, how you behave and how your body works. It affects people in different ways but if you are stressed you may have some of the following symptoms:

Your feelings
You may feel:
 -low in self-esteem
 -have a low mood

Your thoughts
-You may find that you:
-have racing thoughts
-worry constantly
-imaginine the worst
-go over and over things

Your behaviour
You may notice you're:
-having temper outbursts
-drinking more
-smoking more
-on the go all the time
-talking more or faster
-changing your eating habits
-feeling unsociable
-being forgetful or clumsy
-being unreasonable
-struggling to concentrate

Your body
You may be suffering from:
-muscle tension and pain
-stomach problems
-feeling dizzy
-bowel or bladder problems
-dry mouth
-sexual problems”

There are many different ways to help find a more balanced lifestyle to combat the stress in our lives.  Firstly we require a reframe in our beliefs.  We need to work on valuing and seeing the benefit of rest and down time, going within and being silent with ourselves.  Our society values action, doing but not being.

So how can Gaia healing help with stress? 
With Gaia Healing we are teaching the body how to stop, how to let go, how to fully surrender.  When we do this, the body naturally knows how to balance itself.  The body knows how to heal itself, as it’s natural state is balance, but we need to create space in our day to help our body along.

I have also observed that underlying stress there is often a level of fear.  Gaia Healing works very well at releasing a build up of emotion.  We are often carrying many unresolved emotional issues from our past.  Subconsciously holding onto emotion creates a lot of subtle stress in the body and often affects the way we are in the world and the decisions that we make.

As the Gaia Healing energy starts to release the stress from our body, we begin to feel a sense of coming home, back into what I call our ‘true’ self or our divine essence; who we are free from our emotional baggage and negative patterning.  We feel peace of mind, space within our thoughts, stillness.

I am aware that we often do anything we can to avoid this stillness.  Often our busyness connects to an avoidance strategy.  Avoiding feeling.  Gaia Healing helps to gently guide you back into yourself in a safe and supportive way. 

When our life choices are creating imbalances, most of us are aware of this on some level.  Maybe you know that you are drinking too much, smoking too much, that you should exercise, eat less sugar, drink less caffeine, go to bed earlier etc.  It is time to start listen to this inner voice.  What is it asking you to do?  What changes is your body asking you to make?  How can you start to implement these changes in a realistic and sustainable way?  What support do you need to make these changes?

If you are looking for help or support with stress in your life or anything else, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.  Call 0207 503 3356 or email lara@gaiahealing.org.uk.  For more information about Gaia Healing and how it can help you, please visit www.gaiahealing.org.uk

With love and blessings,