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Life Coaching North London - Mentor & Business Coach. Executive Coaching.


Life Coaching in North London

Coaching can help you break through self-imposed limitations which hold you back, enabling you to achieve your goals and dreams if you know what they are, or help you discover them if you don't. Valuable for anyone who wants to enhance their career or improve their personal performance in any area of life.

Carole Deighton - personal and professional development coach/Life coach, based in north London
Neil Seligman - Mindfulness-Based Coaching in N16 and W1 

Life Coaching London

 Neil Seligman  

The Conscious Professional
Mindfulness-Based Coaching
Stoke Newington
London N16
Tel: 020 7193 0548 / 07810 822502 
Website: www.theconsciousprofessional.com
Intuitive guidance, reflection and support are offered to those seeking their own creative, spiritual or personal development.
Working with the energies of truth, clarity and authenticity I hold a space for the unfolding of a client’s development and their awakening to presence, peace and joy.
Witnessing the karmic cycle in individuals facilitates the release of deeply embedded energies which could otherwise hold back a client’s progress.
Since 1999 I have been working with clients in these ways, helping them to develop their self knowledge, identify their impact in the world and then express their highest potential.

"a life changing experience"
Heather Penny, Executive 

"I am calmer and more trusting of my ability to fulfil my potential"

Stephen Lue, Barrister
"Neil is in a league of his own when it comes to coaching.... I cannot recommend him strongly enough"
Kush Modgil, Associate Lawyer
For further details, fees and testimonials please go to www.theconsciousprofessional.com/coaching
Neil sees clients in Stoke Newington, and at the Joshi Clinic, 57 Wimpole Street, London W1
You can also connect with Neil for alternative health tips and further insight into his work:

 Carole Deighton

Life Coach London
Personal and Professional Development Coach/Life Coach
Tel: 07540 958648
Email: caroledeighton@btinternet.com
Website: www.caroledeighton.com

Why Not Try A Free Coaching Session?
I’m offering new clients an introductory hour-long session free of charge. It’s a great opportunity to discover how coaching can work for you. I’m based locally in Highbury New Park, N5 and available most weekdays and evenings.
I’m a qualified, highly experienced Personal and Professional Development Coach, Mentor and Life Coach. I’ve been running my practice in North London since 2004. 
I work with a wide range of people to encourage them to make the most of their potential.  My clients include senior and junior executives, entrepreneurs and students; freelancers, musicians, artists, and writers as well as architects and designers. Right now, you may be based at home looking after the kids, or perhaps between jobs – no matter what you are doing, you’ll find coaching can offer you a fresh and more positive outlook on life!
Whatever the goal or issue you want to tackle, you’ll gain by talking to a qualified professional like me who will give you valuable and objective feedback, help clarify your thinking and work with you to make the right plan of action. Part of the process is identifying and overcoming any obstacles that may get in your way - together we’ll find the right strategies to achieve your ambitions and goals.
My style of coaching offers you the support you need to make important changes that will take you forward to where you want to be in your life and your work.

I can help you:
Set personal and professional goals and make positive change
Increase your self-belief, confidence and motivation
Overcome the blocks or barriers that stand in your way
Discover and develop your real potential
Face the challenge of a career change
Brainstorm ideas to launch a new business venture
Create effective marketing campaigns for your business
Make exciting retirement plans
Manage stress and achieve a better work/life balance
Rediscover your passion for life; find new interests and challenges
Get more out of your life, your work and your leisure time

My coaching sessions aim to bring clarity, focus, confidence and success.  Coaching helps bring out your inner, more positive self and, with increased confidence, you’ll find you can start to achieve your true potential. I would like the opportunity to change your life for the better and help you create a more successful and exciting future.
My approach is mainly based on face to face coaching.  We’ll agree a timetable for the sessions to suit your schedule. Needless to say, anything you tell me is completely confidential.  If you do decide to go ahead, I recommend you commit to a number of sessions – coaching isn’t a quick fix!   I offer a choice of hour long or 90 minute sessions - the frequency is up to you.
Once I have assessed your coaching needs, we can agree fees which are usually payable in advance.  Face to Face sessions take place at my practice in Highbury New Park, N5.  If it’s more convenient, I also offer coaching by phone or Skype: you simply make the call to me at the agreed time.
Training, qualifications & experience
I trained with The Coaching Academy and qualified as a Professional Coach with Distinction in 2004. I continue studying all aspects of coaching and mentoring to constantly expand my knowledge and learning.
Over the past years, I have worked with a wide variety of personal and professional clients and been able to build on my experience through helping them address a broad range of issues and problems and achieve their individual aims and ambitions.
Before becoming a coach, I spent many years in the corporate environment, running a successful communications and marketing consultancy. Our clients included many well-known ‘blue chip’ companies and high profile consumer brands.  This valuable experience helps me coach or mentor executives working at all levels from trainee to MD.
I have in-depth experience providing corporate coaching at the workplace as well as business coaching for start-ups.  Mentoring is a particular passion of mine and I have helped a number of organisations set up their own in-house mentoring programmes.
I am a member of the Association for Coaching (MAC), the professional body that promotes excellence and ethics in coaching and work within their Code of Professional Conduct.
I’m also a published author; you can find a link to my new book ‘Mentoring at Work’ at: http://bookboon.com/en/mentoring-at-work-ebook
Next Step:
Just email me or give me a call to book your free introductory session:
Mobile: 07540 958648 or email: caroledeighton@btinternet.com 
To find out more, you can visit my website at: www.caroledeighton.com