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Meditation Audio CD - Learn Mindfulness Meditation - CDs For Relaxation, Healing and Stress Reduction


Free relaxation meditation - In The Moment - for you to download at www.AudioMeditation.co.uk

Mindfulness Meditation CDs

Meditation for Life 1 - Relaxation and Awareness with Linda Hall

Mindfulness Meditation CD

Overall playing time – 66 min
Suitable for beginner or advanced
Mp3: £9.49
CD: £12.59 + p&p
Available to purchase at www.AudioMeditation.co.uk

This popular CD has helped hundreds of people with all needs and levels of health, to relax and feel better within themselves. Whether you are looking for support during illness or just wanting to manage your stress levels better, Meditations for Life has something special to offer you. Three wonderful meditations take you on a journey that connects you to the natural world around you and reveals the hidden resources within you. Set to soothing, hypnotic music, the overall tone is uplifting and optimistic as well as grounding and reassuring.

“Linda’s voice is so soothing and the meditations so instantly calming. Each time I listen it transports me to that safe place that Linda calls ‘home’ deep inside my core. During my healing journey I have listened to many other meditation CDs but I always come back to Linda’s.” – Tanya Alexander, Health Journalist

“Meditations for Life 1, Relaxation and Awareness CD does just that. As my thoughts slowed down I felt safe and secure, and found I could release the physical tensions within me.” – Delcia McNeil, Author of ‘Bodywork Therapies for Women’

Meditation for Life 2 - Relaxation and Self-Healing with Linda Hall

Mindfulness Meditation CD

Overall playing time – 74 min
Suitable for beginner and advanced
Mp3: £9.49
CD: £12.59
Available to purchase at www.AudioMeditation.co.uk

This gem of a CD explores the more subtle aspects of meditation, using creative visualisation and subtle energy awareness to promote relaxation and self-healing. Including a powerful chakra meditation, a beautiful colour healing meditation and a joyous smile meditation. Set to gentle background music, each track takes you on a path of discovery within yourself, guiding you to ever deeper levels of inner peace and contentment.

“This is a supportive and enriching CD. I recommend it unreservedly to anyone seeking self-growth and inner healing.”
Alex Howard, Author of ‘Why ME? My Journey from M.E. to Health and Happiness’

“A truly outstanding CD!”
Beth, Germany

“Absolutely brilliant – I did the lovely smile meditation today and I’m still smiling!”
Jacqui, Lancashire

Step into Meditation - The Foundation Course with Linda Hall

Learn How To Meditate in 8 Easy Steps


Step into Meditation - The Foundation Course with Linda Hall

Mindfulness Meditation CD


Includes FREE DVD Meditations for Everyday Life!

A complete audio meditation course teaching you how to meditate. This triple CD set
takes you step-by-step through the process of meditation and puts it into the context of everyday life. It has a non-religious, contemporary approach and will appeal to the complete beginner as well as the seasoned practitioner. The language is down-to-earth and the exercises easy to follow.

Step Into Meditation presents meditation as a natural set of essential life skills. It takes a fresh look at meditation and brings it into the field of body/mind awareness and psychology, demonstrating how meditation can be a powerful self-help, self-development tool invaluable to anyone who wants to manage stress levels and get to know themselves better.

“This is gold dust! The course is soundly constructed, straightforward and gloriously unpretentious, presenting a simple way to engage with the profound
aspects of life without
stepping into religious concepts. The language is really clear and accessible. It’s so simple and wise it could be used widely in schools.”  Heather Peace, writer and editor

Overall Playing Time – 3hrs 20min

Mp3: £21.99
Triple CD pack: £28.99 - all CD packs include FREE DVD ‘Meditations for Everyday Life’
Available to purchase at www.AudioMeditation.co.uk

Free relaxation meditation - In The Moment - for you to download at www.AudioMeditation.co.uk