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Metamorphic Technique London Practitioner


  Felicity Bevell  

Home Visits in Stoke Newington N16
Clinics at: N10, WC1, W1
Telephone: 07976 926 322
Website: www.felicityreflexology.co.uk
Email: info@felicityreflexology.co.uk

This a relaxing and gentle technique that is suitable for everyone and any health conditions.

The technique originated from Reflexology working on the spinal reflex points on the feet, hands and head.

The Metamorphic Technique is about transformation of past mental or emotional patterns to enable you to embrace life and move forward to achieve your highest potential.

The Metamorphic Technique represents an approach to self-healing and personal development which is deceptively simple. We tend to get locked into a pattern of living that limits our potential for growth and accomplishment because We often have limiting beliefs about ourselves and get stuck into repeating patterns of behaviour that are holding back what we would like to achieve.

This pattern of living can show up as physical, mental or emotional health problems and limiting attitudes. Beneath these symptoms are corresponding patterns of energy or life force.

The Metamorphic Technique acts as a spark to this energy, enabling you in a gentle way to transform these patterns, let go of limitations and start to move from who you are now, to what you can be in the future.

The Metamorphic Technique does not address specific symptoms or problems. The practitioner will not take a medical history. There is no need to discuss why you have come to seek metamorphic technique with the practitioner unless you want to. The Technique is gentle, non-invasive, safe, and accessible to all including children and in pregnancy.

After a session with a practitioner people may feel energised, relaxed, or both. They may re-experience past symptoms or emotional upset over the next day or so as old patterns are released. This always seem to be at a level people are able to cope with.

Changes can be experienced straight away, while in others the changes are more subtle ranging from improvements in health, to greater energy and confidence, releasing old habits or past hurts, the way they see life, how they feel about themselves, a growing sense of purpose and inner strength.

This may lead to changes in caree, moving house, leaving a relationship or finding a new one. Whatever the changes they are always for the better.

Some people choose regular weekly sessions, others every now and again or when they feel the need. People can notice changes after one session; for others it may take weeks or months as everyone is different.

Do you feel stuck in life? At a crossroads or are teetering on the edge of success but never quite get where you want to be?

If the answer is yes then the Metamorphic Technique is for you.

To make an appointment with Felicity in north, west central or west London please call her on 07976 926 322 or go to her website www.felicityreflexology.co.uk