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Personal Fitness Trainer Stoke Newington & London Wide - Mobile & Home Training


London Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer
 Tim Hawes BSc

Personal Fitness Trainer London Pilates Instructor

Personal Fitness Trainer & Pilates Instructor

Telephone: 07950 800 854
Website: dt-training.co.uk  

As a Personal fitness trainer, Tim uses a combination of Kettlebell, Pilates, and Swissball training to bring about improvements in:
  • Spinal/Core strength and alignment
  • Muscle tone and flexibility
  • Cardio-respiratory function
  • Neuro-muscular awareness
He uses Food Combining to bring vibrant good health into your life. In this way training becomes very person centered, and goal achieving.

He has been training people in this way for 8 years and believes that posture, balance and alignment are integral to overall function of the body.

Correction of poor posture whether this be occupational, familial, or injury related, results in
  • Improved quality and efficiency of movement
  • Improved automatic nervous and immune system function
  • Reduced physical and mental stress
  • Improved balance throughout the body

Tim provides a completely mobile coaching service, so personal fitness training can be indoors or out, in Hackney and Islington or London wide.

Tel: 07950 800 854 for a consultation in the london area or further information.

Why Choose A Personal Fitness Trainer?

You may be considering whether to join a gym or a fitness class. These are certainly valid options but there are many advantages to choosing a personal fitness trainer.

A personal fitness trainer is able to:

  • assess you as an individual in meeting your personal requirements and deciding what you are capable of. People can sometimes feel they are on a production line in a gym, finding it something of a robotic experience. Personal fitness training is just that, personal and individual.
  • help you calculate your personal goals.
  • personalise your workouts. Once you know what your personal goals are, your training workouts can be individualised to help you achieve them.
  • make sure you are performing the training in the correct manner. You get instant feedback so you can make adjustments to prevent injury, or to maximise results for the effort you are putting in.
  • make adjustments to an exercise if it is felt that it is too advanced for you or you are not yet ready. Similarly, the trainer may find the training is too easy for you, that you require more challenge, in which case the difficulty level can be adjusted upwards.
  • make sure you don't get bored by varying routines, challenging different muscle groups and making use of exercise equipment.
  • greatly increase the chances of meeting your fitness goals.

    Let's face it, most people start off with the best of intentions but give up after a while. You are much more likely to persist if you have the support of a personal fitness trainer. With somebody working with you, motivating you, and offering encouragement.

    When you witness the results for yourself, whether it's losing weight, seeing muscle growth, running up the stairs without puffing and panting, improved endurance and function, you are very likely to continue until your goals are achieved.

To look good, feel great and be admired by others call Tim on 07950 800 854