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Pilates Stoke Newington | Classes for posture, alignment, strength, flexibility, tone, endurance


Pilates instruction and training in Stoke Newington

 Philip Bishop  - Personalised Pilates - One-to-One Tuition
 Tim Hawes  - Pilates Instructor and personal trainer 
 Jenny Hopps   - Pilates Instructor - One to One and Small Groups - Pregnancy

 Tim Hawes BSc

Pilates London

Pilates Instructor

Telephone: 07950 800 854
Email: info@sportingtherapy.co.uk
Tim trained at the Modern Pilates studios in Mayfair and sees Pilates as more than just another form of exercise.

He views it as a whole different approach to movement, which promotes
  • Good upper and lower body posture and alignment
  • A stable upper and lower core
  • Good breathing patterns, in turn promoting good health
  • A strong, yet flexible spine
  • Movement where there is no movement
  • Stamina, and phenomenal muscle strength
  • Natural, normal movement patterns

This leads to proper neuromuscular balance throughout the body, where the limbs can move freely, and smoothly around a stable core.

The body can now work more efficiently, and, with improved posture and breathing, function can be improved throughout. Tim provides a one to one programme and works with small groups in Stoke Newington and throughout London.

Tel 07950 800 854 or email
info@sportingtherapy.co.uk for a consultation or further information.

  Philip Bishop

87 Sandbrook Road, Stoke Newington, London N16 0SL
Tel: 07818 242 713

Also NW1 & EC1

Personalised Pilates
Pilates works by targeting the deep postural muscles, rebalancing the body and bringing it into correct alignment. As well as improving posture, it increases strength and flexibility, relieves unwanted stress and tension and helps restore qualities that may have been lost due to pain, injury or poor posture.

Pilates exercises are suitable for anyone, from the first time exercisers to sports people, helping re-shape your body, improving your posture and relieving stress, injury and tension.

I can provide you with a programme that can be done at home which will allow you to develop your proficiency at your own pace. Onsite equipment such as the Reformer provides finely tuned exercise resistance that allows you to work very precisely with alignment, core strength, and all of the Pilates exercise principles.

You’ll also be provided with a Personalised Pilates programme that can be tailored to accommodate your day-to-day schedule. Also personalised programmes that compliment your existing physio exercises where appropriate.

Philip Bishop
Trained at the Scott Studio and qualified as an instructor in Pilates Matwork.

Also trained at London School of Sports Massage and London College of Massage and holds a diploma from both schools as well as a BTEC in sports remedial massage. He is a member of the Sports Massage Association.

”...extremely skilled, intuitive and knowledgeable...“
”...dramatically improved my posture and gait, and my general well-being.“
”His approach to restoring function and freedom to the bits of my body that were letting me down is nothing short of miraculous.“

A full list of testimonials from health professionals and clients can be seen at

To make an appointment with Philip for personal pilates classes in Stoke Newington, Hackney, north London, please call 07818 242 713. .

 Jenny Hopps
Pilates Happy
Tel: 07810 877 689

I am a fully qualified Pilates teacher working in Stoke Newington & North / East / Central London. I am also a member of The Register for Exercise Professionals (REPS).

I offer the following Pilates sessions based at your home or office:

• One to One personal Pilates
• Small group sessions for friends / colleagues
• Pilates for Pregnancy (ante/postnatal)
• Pilates for rehabilitation
(physiotherapy referrals)

All classes are tailored to your fitness level, experience and posture. We work towards your own goals and aims in the comfort of your own home or office.

Through Pilates we can work to:

- Strengthen & tone the body - Improve posture and support the back
- Improve balance, flexibility & coordination - Relax and de-stress
- Relieve back pain, tense shoulders & necks - Prevent osteoporosis
- Assist with recovery after injury


"Jenny has helped me develop my core muscles which have benefited my back pain better than any chiropractor or osteopath ever did."

"a consummate professional who imparts her knowledge and skill in a most straightforward and clear way"

"definitely noticed an improvement, particularly in our core strength"

"has helped greatly with pain management and has given me some additional benefits such as relaxation and stress relief"

A full list of testimonials can be found at www.pilateshappy.com/testimonials.html