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Pregnancy Massage London (north) Stoke Newington & Islington Therapist


Pregnancy Massage London (north) Stoke Newington

Anna Josa
Sue Boughton

 Sue Boughton ITEC FSMT IPTI

Islington & N19
Bookings: Bookings
Tel: 07811 953 277

Pregnancy Massage

Blending Shiatsu with Swedish massage techniques this treatment helps to support you through pregnancy and the post-natal period. Offering relief from muscular tension, back ache, insomnia, headaches and other problems associated with pregnancy it also assists with improving circulation, reducing blood pressure and fluid retention. After 38 weeks, specific acupressure points are included to encourage a natural labour.

About Your Therapist
Sue qualified in Pregnancy and Postnatal Massage with Wellmother in 2005 and also qualified in 2008 in Massage for Labour and is also working as a Doula (birth assistant using massage skills).

If you are looking for a highly qualified and experienced london pregnancy massage practitioner in Islington or N19 please visit www.sueboughton.co.uk 

 Anna Josa ITEC, VTCT 

Newington Green Practice
Highbury, Islington, London N5
Tel: 0776 5991 280
Pregnancy Massage

This massage is specifically tailored for the expectant mother's need. The mother's body will be properly positioned and supported with pillows and padding, ensuring comfort and safety for the mother and the baby. This therapy has been found to be very useful to decrease swelling in the arms and legs, and relieve aches and pains in muscles and joints, especially when choices for pain relief, such as medication, are often limited during this period. In addition, not only massage can be physically beneficial, but the human touch can also be comforting and provide emotional support during pregnancy and after giving birth, promoting relaxation and reducing stress, anxiety and depression.
Anna qualified in Pregnancy Massage with Gateway Workshops and as a Baby massage Instructor with Bodybasics in early 2010, before to start her own amazing journey of motherhood with baby Pol. Please see under Deep tissue/Sports Massage for more details of Anna's massage services.
Post-pregnancy massage:
Reduce sore spots and relax muscle tension, particularly on the abdomen, lower back and hips, not to mention the upper back due to breastfeeding posture. A massage increases the flow of blood and oxygen to your muscles, and improves immunity by stimulating lymph flow. In addition, the relaxing and calming effect of being massaged help to cope with baby blues and postnatal or postpartum depression.
By massaging, the body releases endorphins, natural pain killers, and oxytocin, which trigger the milk ejection reflex that pushes the milk out of the nipple, making it easier for you to breastfeed your baby. A breast massage will also help open blocked ducts, loosen clumps or hardened areas, and reduce the risk of mastitis. The massage also speeds up recovery from a caesarean section, increasing circulation and stimulating the healing process internally.
The cost of the treatment is £55 per hour (£30 per a 30 minute session).
"I started going to see Anna when I was about 34 weeks pregnant, on the recommendation of a friend. I had been experiencing some backache as a result of my growing bump. My sessions with Anna have been a godsend! She immediately put me at ease and used a mixture of techniques which both relieved my back discomfort and induced a state of pure relaxation. I particularly enjoyed the gentle massage of my abdomen in the latter weeks of my pregnancy. Anna is the consumate professional, she is exceptionally caring, gentle, and works tirelessly to give her patients the highest possible level of care. I hope my treatments won't end with my pregnancy and that I can find time to continue visiting Anna once I have a newborn!" - Kirsten Button, florist designer
To make an appointment with Anna or if you have any questions please call 0776 5991 280