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Therapeutic Healing London - Stoke Newington/Islington healer


Therapeutic Healing - London Practitioner

 Linda Hall MTI, Dip TH, Dip.Clin.Hyp.NLP, EFT

Therapeutic Healing London
Diploma in Therapeutic Healing
Stoke Newington Practice
London N16
Tel: 020 3286 6478
Email: lindahall.healing@blueyonder.co.uk
men by referral only

For Health & Well-being

Therapeutic healing is a broad based holistic approach to working with life force energy. It uses the age-old skill of sensing and modulating subtle energy through touch and thought to promote health, well-being and self wisdom in the receiver. Therapeutic healing is not associated with any particular religious belief, doctrine or organisation but recognises and supports the uniqueness of each individual’s potential. It is often combined with other complementary therapies such as massage, shiatsu, psychotherapy or creative visualisation. Practitioners will have undergone an in-depth training in energy awareness, healing techniques and listening skills as well as having a commitment to their own continuing self-development.

At its most basic level all life consists of energy; each of us is a being of energy living within a larger governing system: the energy of the universe. This subtle energy flows through and around our body, supporting and mirroring our health and well-being. The flow can become blocked and depleted due to stress, or to our individual potential being suppressed. These imbalances may go on to manifest on the physical level as illness or disease. Therapeutic healing prompts our innate potential for self-healing, it’s as if we remember how to be in greater harmony within ourselves and with the world.

The healer acts as a facilitator, engaging with the client to help them to integrate their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects and to gain a clearer understanding of themselves. During a session the healer helps activate and enhance the clients’ natural life force through resting her hands gently on their body. She tunes in with universal energy, allowing it to flow through her, as a conduit, to the client. This boost of energy clears a space in which a shift in consciousness and/or physical health may occur. She will also work to clear and balance the energy field surrounding the client.

Receiving healing is well known to be a relaxing, comforting and empowering experience; it may also be energising. Sometimes heat is felt from the healer’s hands, together with a mild tingling as energy gently realigns itself. Unresolved emotional pain may also surface to be released.

Therapeutic healing is safe, non-invasive and can be beneficial for most stress related conditions, psychological disturbances, low self-esteem, chronic illness and symptoms, as well as acute disease. It helps the nervous system and adrenals to relax, lessens muscular tension, aids the circulatory system and boosts the immune system. It can be effective in treating shock and trauma, including post-operative states. Therapeutic healing complements all forms of orthodox medicine. It should not, however, be viewed as a quick fix as it works progressively over a period of time, and is assisted by a personal commitment to self-help. Sometimes the role of healing will be to aide acceptance of a serious condition or to offer gentle support when preparing for death.

Therapeutic healing works at our deepest level of consciousness, from where distress or disease has manifested, and seeks to address the root cause. As a result, symptoms often improve. Healing grounds us and allows us to be in the moment with greater self-acceptance; through it we recognise at a fundamental level our potential for health and creativity.


The session lasts for an hour. We will begin by talking about your general health, lifestyle and needs. The healing itself lasts about 45 min., allowing for some time at the end for you to rest and for us to share feedback.

Healing is received fully clothed and lying down, though you may sit if you prefer. I work intuitively, gently resting my hands on you and channelling energy and I will also work in your energy field off your body. You may feel warmth or ‘tingling’, a sense of your energy changing and gently releasing. Most people find it a restful, pleasurable and comforting experience.

Healing should not be viewed as a ‘Quick Fix’. In my experience healing works progressively over a period of time and is assisted by a personal commitment to self help. Sometimes the role of healing will be to aid acceptance of a chronic or serious condition. It also offers gentle support when preparing for death.


LINDA HALL has over fifteen years experience as a complementary healthcare therapist. She originally trained in Holistic Massage 1n 1993 and qualified in Therapeutic Healing in 1996 having completed over two years healer training, (diploma,Therapeutic Healing, Rowan School for Healing and Personal Growth). She completed the One Year Foundation Course in Counselling Skills at Spectrum, (a centre for humanistic integrative psychotherapy) in 1998. She received her certificate in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) in 2006, and in 2008 completed her training in advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP, coaching and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) with The Optimum Health Clinic, Harley St., London, with whom she works as a psychology practitioner, specialising in the treatment of M.E.

She attends regular professional supervision, is a full member of the Association of Therapeutic Healers and abides by their codes of practice and ethics.

Linda runs a private practice combining several healing modalities including Holistic Massage and Therapeutic Healing in North London. She also teaches meditation for self-development, health and well-being.

She is experienced in helping people towards a more integrated relationship with their body. Central to her work is her belief that well-being/wellness can begin when we take responsibility for ourselves; our bodies are intelligent and hold the means of change within.

Cost of one hour session: £50.00

The first session will last one and a half hours: £75.00 (concessions are available for students/low income).

Telephone: 020 3286 6478

Location: London N16
(Green Lanes, between Clissold Park and Newington Green. Close to the border with Highbury, Islington N5).

Forty eight hours notice of cancellation or a fee will be charged.
(men by referral only)